Upcoming Classes Summer 2019:

Selfcare for Surgical Recovery. Sunday July 7th, 11am-1pm. Oakland LGBTQ Center.

Learn how the right at-home care can help you recover faster from gender affirming surgeries. Including tips for herbal medicine, self-massage, supplements, nutrition, and more. FREE: just show up!

You Can Thrive With Endometriosis. August 25th 2019 11am to 1:00pm | At The Homestead Apothecary (Laurel location), Oakland. $25 Sign up via the Homestead Apothecary

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis or are undiagnosed and experiencing painful periods and other endo symptoms, you will greatly benefit from the breadth of knowledge imparted through this holistic healing class. Learn how you can live pain-free with herbal medicine, supplements, nutrition, exercise, and more. Experience a pain relieving group meditation, exercises to release the pelvic floor, self-belly massage, and an individualized ‘ear seed’ acupressure treatment for your symptoms. Trans-inclusive content. Endo allies welcome.

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