“I have been seeing Katrina for both acupuncture and scalp treatments for my hair loss as well as scar treatment.  My scar is much less noticeable and the stress relief from the acupuncture has done wonders for my overall mind/body connection.  I appreciate that she takes into account every detail of my concerns, lifestyle and diet to offer ways to improve my issues.  She has a very gentle and calming approach which adds to my sense of relaxation during the treatments.  Her knowledge of hair loss remedies has also helped to prevent further hair loss and aid in the regrowth of new hair.  I highly recommend her!” -Jamie S.

“I loved working with Katrina. I received treatments for hormone balance and fertility and found her to be extremely knowledgable. I always felt better after a treatment and over the course of several months felt my baseline for energy levels, migraines and other symptoms steadily improving. I loved how Katrina was always open to answering my (many) questions, and I never felt judged.  I felt like we were a team, getting my health back on track”. -Rebekah H.

“My million trivial but life-interfering-with medical problems, especially migraines, taken seriously and resulted in actual diagnosis and actual treatment plan… non-scary, trans-friendly, skilled and interested in helping. Katrina’s needles didn’t even hurt–and the treatment was much more relaxing and friendly than my visits in the past to …Acupuncture.” -Luke B.

“I can be completely open with her when I am getting a treatment. She understands what I’m trying to tell her when I discuss my symptoms because she is passionate and informed about trans health.She has great bed side manner, great skills and calming energy. Also she has really helped create a safe space and I appreciate that more than anything.” -Carlos H.

“Katrina’s treatment style is lovely. She had a non-judgmental way of asking detailed health related questions and receiving the answers. I felt like I was comfortable being honest with her. The actual needle part of the acupuncture treatment was not painful and the cupping felt great!  My body felt so relaxed after seeing her and I will be back monthly.” -Sandy B.

“I was an acupuncture skeptic, but after a serious sprain, went to Prism to try to speed up my healing. Katrina was thoughtful and sensitive to my nervousness as an acupuncture newby, and really took my needs into account as she started treatment. After several treatments, my ankle is feeling much better – I’ll definitely be back!” -M.B.

“Receiving treatment from Katrina Hanson was amazing! Her friendly confidence was very comforting to me as a patient who had never experienced acupuncture before. The application of the needles was painless and, with the help of Katrina’s calm, collected air, I was able to relax into the treatment… As a transgendered man, […Katrina] impressed me with […her] competence in providing healthcare to a trans patient… I have often dealt with discomfort and anxiety from healthcare workers around my body and gender, and it was a pleasure to find that this was not the case.” -Miguel S.

“Had the most AMAZING first session with Katrina this week! Will be recommending her to EVERYONE!” -Kaye L.

“I love getting treatments from Katrina! She has such a great depth of knowledge and passion for supporting health with acupuncture and herbs – its inspiring and wonderful to learn from her. I’ve had treatments with her that were so deeply resonant that I walked around in a happy-go-lucky daze for the rest of the morning!” -Jessica W.

“Katrina has been at the forefront of acupuncture and integrative medicine for the queer and trans community for as long as I’ve know her (which has been many years now, as we went to school together). She was always the “go-to” person for information in how to best support the LGBTQ+ community with acupuncture and herbs. Her education and skill in creating hormone balance and promoting optimal reproductive health goes beyond that of your average acupuncturist – she is truly among the best.” -Merritt J.

View more reviews on Yelp.

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