yin yang of masculine and feminine can be trans inclusive
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Yin and Yang; Masculine and Feminine

  “Instead of saying that all gender is this or all gender is that, let's recognize that the word gender has scores of meanings built into it. It's an amalgamation of bodies, identities, and life experiences, subconscious urges, sensations, and behaviours, some of which develop organically, and others which are shaped by language and culture. … Continue reading

a group of people of many genders races and identities
LGBT Inclusion For Providers, Prism Blog, Self Care for Trans Health

How to Ask About Gender Pronouns for Healthcare Providers

When asking about gender or pronouns, consider your intentions. Do you need to know a patient’s gender/sex-related medical history for your treatment? Or do you just need to know their preferred name and pronouns to develop practitioner-patient rapport? Knowing what your goals are will help you decide what and how to ask. Remember, curiosity is never an … Continue reading

A transgender man binding and looking into the distance
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Chest Binding Safely: Save Your Back!

Interested in binding, or already binding? Here are some very important health tips that you need to know!: Do NOT use an ace bandage or similar homemade device for binding. Wrapping around your chest several times can result in dangerously tight binding that cuts off circulation, breathing, tissue damage, and skin irritation. If you want … Continue reading