How LGBT Inclusion Can Grow Your Acupuncture Practice
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Free Webinar for Practitioners!

Did you miss last weekend’s free Gender 101 webinar for practitioners?

You can still catch the replay!

I am so honored to have participated in Lhasa OMS, CSOMA, and Smarty Practice’s ‘Love Your Practice’ digital summit last weekend, where I led a 1-hour training on ‘How LGBT-Inclusion Can Grow Your Patient Base.’ We reached 900 people!

Check out the replay online.

Creating an LGBT-Inclusive Practice Can Grow Your Patient Base

Katrina Hanson, L.Ac. – Prism Integrative Acupuncture

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Check out my upcoming 4-credit CEU class (CA pending): The LGBT-Inclusion Toolkit, Upgrade Your Acupuncture Practice.

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