yin yang of masculine and feminine can be trans inclusive
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Yin and Yang; Masculine and Feminine


“Instead of saying that all gender is this or all gender is that, let’s recognize that the word gender has scores of meanings built into it. It’s an amalgamation of bodies, identities, and life experiences, subconscious urges, sensations, and behaviours, some of which develop organically, and others which are shaped by language and culture. Instead of saying that gender is any one single thing, let’s start describing it as a holistic experience.” –Kate Bornstein & S. Bear Bergman (Gender Outlaws)

Most diagnoses in Chinese medicine, represent the interaction between hot and cold, day and night, yin and yang, masculine and feminine. However, Chinese medicine’s outlook on these dualities is actually much more inclusive of LGBTQ identities when you look beyond this basic binary.

Yin and yang, though often associated with male and female, are more accurately represented by masculine and feminine. Masculinity and femininity are indeed seen as opposites, but they are also in a constant state of transformation from one into the other, and at each stage yang contains yin and yin contains yang.

Basic Principles of Yin & Yang/Masculinity and Femininity:

1. Masculinity and Femininity are opposites

2. Masculinity and Femininity are interdependent: There is always masculinity within Femininity and femininity within Masculinity

3. Masculinity and Femininity are mutually consuming and in a constant state of transformation of one into the other

In this way, masculinity and femininity cannot exist without both opposing each other and containing a piece of the other. Most people in discussing yin and yang theory today, and even most Chinese Medicine practitioners, only focus on the first principle, which alone can be used to reinforce our culture’s thinking of gender as binary. However, traditionally this medicine was much more inclusive of gender variations and spectrums!

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